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Now upload an Excel (*.xlsx) file to create file of points.

Paths & Polygons

A KML file is a XML format file that allows display geographic information in Google Earth or any GIS software for instance. KMZ files are also recognized by Google Earth and they are just zipped KML files. Google Earth allow to create different types of geographic information like points, paths or polygons that can be display and show additional information if needed. KML CREATOR helps to convert easily your geographic data to a KMZ file.

How do I convert my excel data to a KMZ file?

This application allows you to create *.kml files of GOOGLE EARTH using excel files (XLSX), either if you want to create a file of points or paths/polygons you need to save your data in an specific format in excel. In this update, KML CREATOR allows you to create kml files using PSAD56 or WGS84 input coordinates. If you need convert from another coordinate system, request to:

Please take a time to check the video below to learn how to use this application. If you have any doubt, you can write your comments below. If you are a new or frequent user of KML CREATOR please take a look at the ways to prepare your data for the creation of your *.kml files.

  • You only should enter coordinates in WGS84 or PSAD56 datum (UTM or Geographic)
  • You can upload only XLS file, with maximun file size of 500 kB (0.5MB)
  • Follow the formats shown in Points and "Path&Polygons" Tabs
  • You can request another coordinate system for transformation

Points file New styles!!!

You can prepare your data using geographic or utm coordinates. The next table shows you the way you must prepare your data for the utm case. It is important to mention that your files must have exactly the headers as shown in sample files. Check the sample file to know all avaible styles for your data. In this kml file you can see all the available styles that you can use.

Baños del Inca780100.69207464.817SDesc 1101
Chancos217173.38968788.618SDesc 2105
Yungay198884.38987029.818SDesc 3dot1-blu
Laguna de Paca444647.58703321.918SDesc 4dot2-ylw
Lago Titicaca421345.48300084.419SDesc 5205
Chan Chan711774.29102883.917SDesc 6206

Path and Polygon files (path) New options!!!

Updated !!!, now you can create multiple paths or polygon at once, using a single Excel file, see example files under the tab "Paths & Polygons".

In this new update, KML CREATOR allow you to convert data from WGS84, PSAD56, ETRS89 and NAD83. Please follow sample file to upload your data.

Please take a while to learn the new ways to prepare your input data for polylines and polygons, now you can create multiple items at once. Use the next files as templates for your inputs.

Kml Creator - Comments

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