XLS to GPX converter

GPX CREATOR is an application that allows you to create gpx files using Excel files. Using a single *.xls or *.xlsx file, you can create a gpx file containing waypoints, tracks or routes. The created gpx files follow the standards of GPS devices and then can be uploaded to it without problems.

  • You only should enter coordinates in WGS84 datum (UTM or Geographic)
  • You can upload only XLSX or XLS files (Excel), with maximun file size of 500 kB (0.5MB)
  • Follow the formats shown in App tab

Create your file using the suggested format and upload your file here.

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XLS to GPX converter - Comments

We have a new and simple comment system where you can write your doubts, alternatively you can send an email to ingeappscore@gmail.com

Tenemos un nuevo y simple sistema de comentarios donde puede escribir sus dudas, alternativamente también puede enviar un email a ingeappscore@gmail.com